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Hey Weirdos!

Wow, six years huh?  That’s a long time, a lot of episodes and a TON of topics.  In those six years new information has come to light, DNA evidence has given us some answers, robots have evolved and in some cases– scary situations got even scarier.

This week Ashley and Lauren are revisiting six stories that they shared on past episodes that have NEW information!

We get to find the identity of multiple Jane Does AND the famous Somerton Man (Taman Shud case) we check in on SOPHIA the robot to see what the heck her android ass has been up to, we hear from scientists who prove that a very famous theory in the Dytlov Pass Incident COULD be possible and we check in to see if the United States military has started taking sexual assault cases a little more seriously (Spoiler alert: they haven’t.)

This episode was a lot of fun, it was really cool to revisit old stories we shared on the show and finally get some answers… and in some cases… even more questions

Join us next week as we FALL into OCTOBER