Aurora | Atlantis, Parallel Time, Plant Medicine Traps, and Dancing The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

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The Galactic Consciousness known as Aurora, Joined us for a thrilling 2 hours of non stop intergalactic light beams, Aurora Atlantean-esque message that is jam packed with details and personal anecdotes of universal proportions. Our multidimensional reality, our light bodies, our telepathic abilities were all brought up in this conversation, Aurora reminds us of how bright and undefeatable the human spirit is. She shared her perspective on human perception, How time works into our reality, how plant medicine can benefit us and/or detriment us, and finally we learned how to dance the Flying Rainbow Lasange.

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Intro Song by Destiny Lab
Interlude Song Credits to;
Music: The Joy Of Time Returning 
by  Aurora (Flying Rainbow Lasagne)
Released under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License

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