August 2022 Spirit Messages

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Before diving into the August Spirit Messages, I wanted to share a few things that are coming up. August is a big month for Spirit School! I am doing another week-long challenge in my free Spirit School community that will be focused on the mediumship development technique called sitting in the power. I believe that it will benefit anyone on their spiritual or personal development path. This 5-day challenge will take place from August 8-12 with a live teaching and experience each day!


I will also be opening the registration for The Initiation, my Mediumship Development Experience, on August 13th. This program is a combination of live classes, self-study, and practice readings within the community. I don’t do early bird pricing, but I will be providing a discount to the Spirit School Collective, the Initiation waitlist, and participants of the Sitting in the Power challenge!


I can’t believe that we are celebrating TWO years of the Spirit School Collective as of August 1st! This is huge and I feel like it’s just getting started. We will be having The Medicine Lodge, an experience where a few  members of the collective put their name forward to demonstrate their gifts for the community. It is a powerful experience that allows us to witness one another. For example, the Reiki practitioners of the Collective will be coming together in this event to offer a group healing!.I will also be teaching a mediumship development class in the Spirit School Collective that will focus on a different area than the other programs, as always!


Finally, I am doing my first public online mediumship demonstration on Tuesday, August 9th! I’ve done them in my mastermind and in the Collective, and now you can join me as well! There should be tickets for the event available, and you may be able to snag one of the last 1:1 mediumship readings left for August. The links for everything I’ve mentioned are below! 


For the August Spirit Messages, the phrase spirit has been bringing me is, “It’s time to look up friends.” We have been looking down for so long to survive, but it’s time to start seeing the beauty around us. Darkness has had its time, but it’s time to bring back the light. If you focus on nothing else other than how you perceive the world around you, from the space and lens of the soul space and heart, that is enough. I wish you the absolute most divine, most harmonious month ahead. 



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In this episode:

  • The phrase that spirit has been bringing to me is, “It’s time to look up friends”
  • We have been looking down to manage our energy and survive
  • It’s time to look to the skies and the animal kingdom, especially the perspective of birds
  • Spirit is reminding me that hawks were significant in my early development 
  • Instead of taking the role of protectors, what can we learn from other living beings?
  • We cannot control what has been done, only what in our scope moving forward
  • One person at a time, we can connect with the animal kingdom and trees to bring harmony back
  • It’s time to look to the sky, dream bigger and make new commitments to all living beings
  • We are aware of the problems that persist, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming
  • The world of spirit is asking us to look beyond, to the beauty and joy that surround us
  • August is a month to expand our circles and learn to uplift ourselves through darker vibrations
  • Beyond what we can see with our eyes is what we can see with our heart
  • Light will win every time, but it is a journey of rediscovering our true essence 
  • Our humanity and spirit bodies can be expressed in balance and harmony
  • Go inward and see the world with the inner lens of love and joy instead of looking externally
  • The mind can appear so powerful, but is not as powerful as the heart space
  • It’s been easy to focus on what’s going wrong but the time to shift is now
  • The world needs our light now more than ever before
  • Our happiness will increase in August as we learn to tap into this space
  • Like a retrograde, we’re doing the work in the shadow period to go direct with new energy
  • You may hear spirit telling you to look up when you are out, and realize you’re looking down
  • Spirit wants us to realize our insignificance, as we are not the wisest beings on earth
  • The wisdom that will come through you in nature will get you excited about life again
  • We are taking our lives back and choosing what comes next for us, not waiting anymore
  • The darkness had its time and it’s time to bring the light back
  • We are easily influenced by our surroundings
  • By tuning into the highest part of ourselves, we also connect with spirits around us