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There are many UFO reports that involve injuries to witnesses. A particularly dramatic case from Hobbs, New Mexico, in 1964 involved an eight-year-old boy named Charles who was reportedly burned by a black, top-shaped UFO. While his face swelled up to where his nose reportedly disappeared, he felt no pain. Injury reports come from all over the world, but Brazil seems to have had more than its fair share. Bob Pratt, a UFO investigator who had a long career as a journalist that included a stint as the head of the UFO desk at the National Enquirer, traveled extensively in Brazil and collected UFO and occupant reports that have a common thread of violence to the witnesses.

Pratt wrote a book titled, UFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil – Where Next?that was published in 1996. In his acknowledgements, he thanks the many Brazilian citizens and investigators who helped him. In his introduction, he describes making over ten visits to Brazil between May 1978 and July 1993. He lists the elements peculiarly common in Brazilian reports, including: the sudden appearance of a UFO over a witness’s head followed by “a burst of sunlight” and a subsequent chase by the UFO as the witness runs, attempts to pull the witness up into the UFO using an unseen source and sometimes grappling hooks, and UFO occupants dropping hot liquids on the witnesses to make them let go of whatever they might have grabbed in an attempt to resist being taken away. Read more →