AudioBlog: UFOs and High Strangeness in Argentina

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In mid December of last year, we wrote about a woman, Irma Rick, in the province of La Pampa in Argentina, who, after seeing a bright light outside her house, suddenly found herself the next morning almost 65 km (40 miles) away sitting on the side of the road in the town of Guatraché with no memory of how she got there. Most of us here in the United States got the news from INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy. A recent post on the site on February 6 tells of another report out of La Pampa that is just as strange�The sources are listed as Luis Burgos and the online La Pampa news publication InfoHuella. InfoHuella posted an article and a follow-up covering the story. On February 4, a couple and their adult son were travelling by truck on their way home to the town of Victoria. They were crossing the border between La Pampa province and San Luis province to the east. As they passed under the border arch they saw “many lights.” According to one of the witnesses, “When we saw the lights, the first thing we wondered was if it had to do with Victorica Agricultural School being lit up. We then realized this could not be the case, as we were far away.” Before they could make sense of what they were seeing, they found themselves entering the town of Victorica, 26 kilometers from where they were a moment ago. Their GPS still indicated that they were in their former position but then “zeroed out” within a few blocks.

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