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In last week’s blog, we wrote about an incident involving Filiberto Cárdenas, a Cuban exile living in Hialeah, Florida. Cárdenas was reportedly seen by his friend and his friend’s wife and daughter to float up in a beam of light into some sort of craft that then flew off. Two hours later, he was found 16 miles away on his hands and knees in the middle of the road. He was taken to a hospital and tested for radiation. The tests came up negative, but he experienced mysterious symptoms including an excessive thirst, shaking hands, and a sulfurous body odor. While this case might have been held up as an argument for the reality of the alien abduction phenomenon, it is rarely discussed and is overshadowed by more famous cases such as that involving Travis Walton. A possible reason for this is that Cárdenas, and then his wife, reported experiences that were similar to those of contactees, who have often been discounted by many in the UFO research community. Read more →