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In last week’s blog, we looked at a case involving two friends, 42-year-old Joyce Bowles and 58-year-old Ted Pratt, who reported an encounter on November 14, 1976, in Winchester, England. They claimed they saw a cigar-shaped craft hovering 18 inches above the ground with three humanoids, sitting lined up as if they were on a bus, visible behind a window or windows. One creature was said to have left the craft, possibly by passing through it, and then to have walked towards Bowles and Pratt, who were sitting in Bowles’s Cooper Mini Clubman. The creature was described as human-looking, with long hair that curled up in the back and sideburns that went down to a pointed beard, but its eyes were said to be “piercing pink” with no pupils or irises. Bowles said when she looked away from them, she saw spots as if she had been looking at the sun. The case got the interest of many researchers, mostly from the British UFO Research Association. There is one article (page 12 of the pdf) covering it in the March/April 1977 BURORA Journal, and four in the Volume 22, Number 5, 1976 Flying Saucer Review, published in February 1977. What makes this case unique is that it involves two witnesses who described two encounters. This week we’re looking at the second encounter described. Read more →

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