AudioBlog: Nixon Resigned Because He Saw a UFO?

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Throughout the history of UFOs there are stories that become well known throughout the UFO community and beyond, and more often than not, their origins can be found in archives available online. Sometimes a story that becomes popular and accepted as plausible can be found to have had dubious origins. If enough people choose to believe it and trusted researchers champion it, a story can become so embedded in the mythos that it will repeatedly rise from the dead no matter how many knives get stuck in it. Then, there are stories that never go beyond their original report and remain as a single mention in the records.

Tucked away in the Archives For the Unexplained collection is a March 1, 1974 edition of UFO POTPOURIE, a collection of news clippings put out by John Schuessler “In cooperation with: The Mutual UFO Network Inc. (MOFON) [sic]” and “ The UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis, Inc.” Schuessler was one of the founding members of MUFON in 1969 and was a principle investigator of the Cash-Landrum case in the 1980s. He became the international director of MUFON in 2000. Read more →

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