AudioBlog: Behind the Scenes of UFO Cover-Up? Live!: Part 5

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This is the last of what has turned into a five-part series looking into the events that led up to, and the people who would become involved with the television production UFO Cover-Up? Live!, which aired on October 14, 1988. It seems that the show’s producer, Michael Seligman, believed that it would be the vehicle for an earth-shaking UFO disclosure. What resulted was a clumsy and awkward production where the only disclosure anyone remembers is that aliens like strawberry ice cream.

Robert Skvaria wrote a three-part series of articles titled, “The Cover-Up Behind UFO Cover-Up? Live!” for Diabolique magazine, the first of which was posted on May 17, 2022. Skvaria spoke to Curtis Brubaker, who came up with the idea for the show, and Tracy Tormé, who produced the segment of the show devoted to the Gulf Breeze, Florida, sightings and the pictures taken by Ed Walters.

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