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In last week’s blog, we introduced two people, Richard Doty, a self-professed Air Force Office of Special Investigations disinformation agent, and William Moore, a UFO researcher and co-author of the 1980 book The Roswell Incident, who had a profound influence on the UFO narrative in the 1980’s that culminated in a television presentation, UFO Cover-Up? Live!” What was discussed (scripted) on the show was the now familiar narrative of greys, crashed flying saucers, GOVERNMENT recovery of crash debris and alien bodies, and subsequent cover-up. Moore and Doty have since come forward as having been partners in what they claimed was a GOVERNMENT disinformation program targeting UFOlogists. We closed with the hypothesis that Doty was acting on his own and that Moore played along because he had a need to believe and stood to make some money from the “inside information” that Doty was feeding him and his fellow researchers. This week we’ll look at evidence to support that hypothesis.

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