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As far as classic UFO cases go, Ohio may very well have more than any other state. There was the 1966 case where Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and his partner chased a UFO from Portage County, Ohio, all the way into Pennsylvania at speeds up to 100 mph. In 1973, there was the Coyne Incident, where four men in the Army Reserve reported an encounter near Mansfield, Ohio, with a UFO that pulled their helicopter, commanded by Lawrence J. Coyne, up from 1,700 feet to 3,500 feet while the controls were set for a descent. In 1994, police in Trumbull County responded to a police dispatcher who said she’d received calls about a UFO from local citizens. Before the night was over, police from five different departments gave chase, and a recording of their radio exchanges with the dispatch was given to researcher Kenny Young, who brought the case to the attention of the UFO community and the world. A 1971 case from Huron County, Ohio, that had multiple witnesses, including police officers, didn’t gain nearly was much notoriety as those above, and one might wonder if it might have been because of the way it was treated by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. The main witness sent a report to NICAP, but NICAP was in the midst of changes that may or not have been overseen by either or both the Air Force and the CIA. Read more →