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Capturing a UFO in a photo or video is the goal of many UFO enthusiasts, but wouldn’t it be great to physically capture a UFO and examine it? From Japan comes the story of a group of young boys who claimed to have done just that. According to them, it was a small hat-shaped object that eventually managed to escape from them, but not before they were able to make some detailed drawings of it. The story made international news and is still discussed today. Japanese researcher, Otakupapa, wrote a well-researched six-part series about the case titled, “Amazing Japanese Boys Who Captured a Small UFO in 1972,” and published on his site, otakupapa.net.

The story as told by Otakupapa begins with a report by eighth grade middle school student Michio Seo that at around sunset on August 25, 1972, he had seen a small, strange object flying around a rice field. According to him, it would move instantly from one position to another as if it were teleporting.

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