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These days, more and more researchers are considering the idea that there is a unified theory for all things paranormal from Bigfoot to ghosts to UFOs. The idea that all, or at least many, things paranormal derive from a common source was considered as early as the 1940s by Meade Layne and other members of the Borderland Sciences Research Association. This has been popularized in more recent times by John Keel and Jaques Vallée. There was a great deal of resistance to this way of thinking among paranormal enthusiasts, but a case in Pennsylvania from 1973 has elements to it that that likely caused many to reconsider their positions.

The case is described by Berthold Eric Schwartz, M.D. in the July 1974 issue of Flying Saucer Review in his article, “Berserk: A UFO Creature Encounter.” According to Schwartz, he got a call on a Sunday in September from Allan Noe of the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (a New Jersey based organization founded by Ivan T. Sanderson) and Stan Gordon, director of the Pennsylvania based Westmoreland County UFO Study Group. They told him they were in the midst of a great deal of activity involving UFOs and creatures. Gordon, in the documentary, Invasion on Chestnut Ridge, describes the activity as “a major UFO-Bigfoot wave.” Read more →