AudioBlog: A Photo of a UFO and Humanoid

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In July of 1967, Ronnie Hill, a 14-year-old North Carolina boy, reported that he’d taken a picture of a UFO with a humanoid in front of it. According to John Keel, who wrote about the story in his article, “The Little Man of North Carolina,” published in the January-February 1969 Flying Saucer Reviewthe boy sent the picture off to Flying Saucers-UFO Reports, which had just been discontinued by its publisher, Dell Publishing. The editor, Carmena Freeman, sent the picture to Keel and he began a correspondence with Hill, which continued throughout 1968. According to Keel, Hill was “agonizingly slow” in responding to his letters. Keel wrote in his article that he had the photo blown up “to wall size” and that he and “several professional photographers” didn’t see anything that made it seem that the figure was a doll or some other form of hoax. Read more →