AudiBlog: A UFO Invasion in England

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by Charles Lear.

1967 was quite a year in UFO history. In Canada there was theFalcon Lake Incident, where a man with a grid pattern of circular burns on his torso claimed to have gotten them from an ascending UFO, and theShag Harbour Incident, where a UFO was seen to plunge into the water by citizens and was subsequently searched for by Canadian officials. Meantime, here in the U.S., the Air Force funded UFO study at the University of Colorado headed by Dr. Edward Condon was underway as was amajor flap, which included UFOs sighted around nuclear weapons facilities at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. A bit of history that’s been all but forgotten is an incident that year that involved six grounded flying saucer-shaped objects in England. They caused quite a stir and were examined by the British intelligence service, the Army, the RAF, a bomb disposal unit and police.

On September 4, 1967, British authorities became alarmed as six identical saucer-shaped objects, approximately four feet in diameter and making beeping and hissing noises, were reported to be lying on the ground across England. They were roughly equidistant and lying along the 51.5° parallel running from Kent to Somerset.

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