Atlantis: Searching for The Lost Kingdom

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We’ve all heard the legend of an ancient, abandoned underwater city, a deep sea relic of a once-mighty and powerful civilization known for its cutting edge technology and vast assortment of riches and treasure. It’s been told through media since the dawn of storytelling, through cave art and lost languages, through paintings and sculptures, through tapestry and weaving, through books and scrolls, through film and television and every digital media since. Its legitimacy has been argued by scholars and historians for eons, attempted to be proven real by adventurers and collectors and geographists through missions both extraordinary and deadly. It has pushed experts and amateurs alike to their limits, pressing us all to the boundary of fact and fiction, folklore and fairytale, fiction and nonfiction. It has no answer, only an infinite ledger of questions, all reverberating through the chambers of both optimism and pessimism. Without a doubt, the question that rules them all asks one simple thing… Did Atlantis really exist?

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