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Ask Answergirl is unique eleven-part collaborative audio drama experience created by Central Michigan University College of the Arts and Media faculty and students. Each episode contains a mini-mystery designed to invite listeners to use their ears – and their brains – to solve the case before Zina.  But don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees and miss the far bigger mystery bubbling beneath the surface of the bucolic CPSU campus. Appropriate for listeners of all ages.

IN THIS EPISODE: Jordan assigns Zina a letter for her Answergirl column about a roommate dispute over misinterpreted body language. Before Zina can take care of the question, she’s called in to meet with the new Dean of Students, Dean Tukeva, who asks her to follow up on a professor’s request to investigate cheating on her exams. Is there something going on, or is the prof just paranoid? The answers are all there for you to figure it out! EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, WILL ANDERSON