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Welcome Back, Weirdos!!

Season Five starts with a BANG as Lauren and Ashley sit down to tell each other some sPiNe TiNgLiNg LiStEnEr GhOsT sToRiEs!! 

This week Lauren travels all over the world giving us a story about a pair of haunted homes in the UK, a budding psychic in Australia, some haunted antiques in Ireland, and a possible abduction in Mexico!

Ashley is bringing us the tales of a mysterious phone call, a mommy doppelganger, a seance in Missouri, and a very angry ghost who wants to know…. Are you happy now?


As usual Listener Ghost Stories contain foul language, potentially jarring sound effects and music, and are best enjoyed in the dark with a set of headphones.


Music featured in this episode by Vivek Abhishek, Ross Budgen, CO AG Music, and the Hadwin Channel


This episode is dedicated to our friend Ryan Ditty