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Wisdom from an illustrious Psychic Cowgirl ®; Reverend Shannon Laackmann B.Msc, C.Ht brings a practical cowgirl wisdom to metaphysical topics to help you increase your awareness, intuition and understanding of yourself on your personal journey. Warning: hanging out with this Psychic Cowgirl will automatically raise your vibration, and increase your intuitive talents.

Are you Creating Karmic Debts?

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We are very blessed to have the freedom of choices.  We can chose careers, spouses, places to live, vehicles to drive etc….

We also chose how we react to situations and people.  These reactions may be unconscious or from our ego but we still make them.  Do we own that we make these choices?   Do we realize that with each choice we may be creating a karmic debt or we may be releasing a karmic debt.   Evolution of your soul is more complicated and more simple than we realize at times. 

Lets discuss Karmic debts.  How they are created, how to release them, and how our everyday choices contribute. 


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