Are You Afraid of the Dark? Scary Stories with Dan

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Welcome to a special Halloween episode of the Let’s be friends podcast.  Get ready for scary storytime!

Join guest Dan Shukis and me as we share our scariest real-life stories.  Dan shares his experience with The Purple Man in New Orleans and I take us back to when I worked in a real-life haunted house.

Dan is a magical cool dude who interviews exciting people about spirituality, current events, and the occult.  On his Rokfin station, he offers weekly astrology forecasts.  Dan is not just the host of Cosmic Keys Podcast; he is also a member of the band Moonstone Quill.

In this episode, we stay in the Halloween lane but take a detour to discuss Dan’s recent almost conversion to Christianity from occultism.  We also discuss voodoo, astrology, cults, The Purple Man, life-force energy, occultism, God, Jesus, organized religion, magic, personal discernment, missionaries, fossils, the Bible, New Orleans, childhood memories, Hocus Pocus, are ghosts real?, Scorpio season, astrology, and so much more!

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