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I just remember being at the bottom of the hill near Stanfield road. Then it was almost like I was placed on my back at the side of a small dam. As I was coming back around, I noticed I could hear dogs from one side of the hill barking all across the hill. Bearing in mind this was at 12.30am. All this wind came over me. It went completely silent and I started to get up and walk back down to where I was before and as I did the whole sky light up for a split second like daylight. Then I heard this woozing, humming noise is all I can describe it as. I looked to my right hand side and all these lights formed in on themselves about 20 to 40ft away. Then it disappeared and ever since then I noticed a small movable lump in my head above my right ear that just doesn’t seem to go away.
“The other night my small toe on my right foot was itchy and sore, it had been like that for several weeks now, I never go barefoot as being diabetic its not worth taking risks, I scratched at my toe with my big toe on my other foot, getting quite vigorous, suddenly I felt ‘something’ in my little toe, then I heard what sounded like a ball bearing drop from my toe and then I heard it bounce on the floor and roll away, try as we might neither of us found anything on the floor when we searched to see what had made the noise, my toe stung like mad for a day or so afterwards”

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