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Did you ever want to know the true story behind the movie “Annabelle: Creation”? On this episode, we sail up that particular river of lies to terminate the legend of our own pudgy Colonel Kurtz, finding some actual haunted items, the spirits of children channeled via Salvia, and the closest thing to a demon either of us has ever seen along the way.

Also on this episode: A very special message, flying at Mach 2 in a Pringles can, and Ian wrestles with the word “psychical”

 Greg Newkirk, “When Ghosts Attack”

Monster Talk, “The Warren Omission”

Music on this Episode:

Intro/Outro: “Radio” by Podzontommusic

Bumpers: “Valley of the Dolls” by Podzontommusic

All music used with permission

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