Andreas Xirtus | Who Were The Tartarians? Shakespeare or Ed de Veer? Roots of Gnosticism, and The Actual Timeline

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Andreas Xirtus, Host of Recent Tartarians and Human Super Computer, joins us to discuss Tartaria for a 4th time! I’m proud to say Andreas and I have become friends and its a honor to have him on again, He shared insights from his recent conversation with David Ewing Jr. as well as Edward de Veer as the real Shakespeare, and some recent research he’s done into  Manichaeism and other lesser know Gnostic groups. Towards the end we went to the live telegram for a question from Dr. Eye, who asked Andreas to nail down the timeline which gave way for a very concise explanation of the missing time hypothesis originally posed by Anatoly Fomenko. Be sure to join us on telegram to be apart of the next live Q&A with a future guest, while your there subscribe to Andreas’ Amazing Telegram channel. Matrix Community

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