Andreas Xirtus | Lost History of America, Tartaria, Space Weed, and The Illuminati Card Game

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Andreas Xirtus Joins us for an awesome conversation, first of many, he shared his knowledge of the Illuminati Card Game, and Robert Anton Wilson, Four Chan and Meme Magic. We then spoke about Tartaria and how American history is much more interesting than our mainstream narrative leads us to believe. I asked him about Connecticut, and Tecumseh’s Vision, and we wrapped up our conversation with Andreas divulging how he helped NASA grow Weed in Space…!!?? as Sam Tripoli has said Andreas is a Conspiracy Supercomputer, and he certainly did not fail to live up to the title.

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Excerpts From Episode 28

“So they ended up giving him tons of money back. So Stephen Jackson is doing pretty good, but you know, he had to hide out and you noticed that like the game didn’t get reprinted. Ever and there’s no, you know, there’s not new. Haven’t been new decks since I think the Sub-Genius deck and they did do a Illuminati too, and the cards are not as interesting.”

“And it just came out in 2018 or 19 and it’s just, or 20, well, maybe it was the 2020 deck, but it’s just like, it has different kinds of art. It’s not as good. And so simultaneously a bunch of people in fortune started putting it together, the Honk-Topia deck. And so Honk-Topia has got some problems, not, I mean, it’s a little racy, it’s a four Chan deck…”


“BLM is in Bureau of land management matters. And this is, this is where I started to figure out where some of the meme magic was going. Cause it’s like, obviously, you know, all lives are important, but what is Bureau of land management?”

“Because this is the other hashtag when I type BLM. So looking to Bureau, land management more, and you start to find it out. Bureau of land management, the agency, the agency that runs  burning man, in a sense, it owns the land underneath it. And Bureau of land management put in the last couple of years, 200 miles of California, coasts and 51% of Oklahoma and more and more places in Connecticut and wildlife reserves and New Mexico and anywhere there’s oil or natural resources and minerals.”


“It’s just it’s clown land. It’s clown theory. It’s clown physics. It’s the opposite physics. It’s it’s cool. But it’s, it’s a weird idea that that would be with the universities. And then even just the idea of like, of Newtonian the sun and the moon. They’re you know, completely different sizes and they’re completely different distances from each other, like completely like really far, really big, really small, really close, but somehow science has made them look spelled the same so that you have to know that God is lying to you and that everything you’re experiencing is just a lie from science.”

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