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IN THIS EPISODE: Did someone steal from you? There’s an ancient curse for that. A rival stressing you out? There’s a curse for that, too. As it turns out, cursing one’s adversaries is pretty timeless, and I’ll share a few real curses you might consider using against your own enemies.  (Curses To Use Against Your Foes) *** “I never would have believed that Viola could do such a thing. She never had much to say and always did what she was told. She went to church regular, loved gospel music and was a hard worker.” That’s what one of Viola Hyatt’s relatives said after she committed a bloody double murder. (The Alabama Ax Murderess) *** In the early morning hours of July 16th, 1963 a Charlton police officer gasped at the sight of an orange light streaking across the sky. At the same time, a farmer heard a loud boom in the distance. Then several hours later another man found a huge crater near his farm. Was the Charlton crater UFO incident a genuine alien landing, or an elaborate hoax? (The Charlton UFO Landing Site)

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Originally aired: February 24, 2023

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