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An Irish podcast about why people believe weird things. A critical-but not cynical - look at cryptids, UFOs and conspiracies. Coming to you from the Cabin In The Woods.

Ancient Astronauts, Religion & Science In Prometheus (2012)

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Prometheus, made with a decent amount of creative control by increasingly-eccentric director Ridley Scott, is a sorta-maybe prequel to the Alien movies, and a rather divisive entry into the franchise. Cian invites Prometheus fan Daffy to the Cabin In The Woods on a rainy summer’s night to discuss the ups and downs of this visually-stunning but thematically confusing film. The guys discuss racism in Ancient Astronauts theory, the place of religion in science, bad plot tropes, and lots of other good things. So grab a bottle and listen here for ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, RELIGION & SCIENCE IN PROMETHEUS. Spoilers aplenty.



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