Ancient Apocalypse Roundtable – Dec 3, 2022

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Seriah is joined by Christopher Ernst, Taylor Bell, Octavian Graves, and Ian Burton to discuss Graham Hancock’s Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse”. Topics include talk radio, podcasting, Randall Carlson, Joe Rogan, racist tropes in alternative history/archeology, the Ethiopian Coptic Church, comet and meteor strikes, the last ice age, recently discovered ancient sites, Graham Hancock’s books, marijuana, Ayahuasca, Robert M. Schoch, geology vs archeology, a possible ancient civilization destroyed by cataclysm, the scablands, gradualism vs catastrophe, the Snake Brothers, research rejected by academia, the scientific method, anomalous evidence, plate tectonics, doing accurate research, problems with unsourced internet information, agendas in archeology and Egyptology, social scapegoating in human nature, Immanuel Velikovsky, respecting vs dismissing ancient stories, temples uncovered by a tsunami, David Hatcher Childress, Gobekli Tepe, parallels between artifacts from ancient Latin America and Ancient China, tunnel vision in academia, Jordan Peterson, far-right infiltration of alternative research, the dilemma of choosing media platforms, Terence McKenna, “News Radio”, Bob Lazar, Michael Shermer, the age of the Sphynx, John Keel and bitterness with the establishment, “type A and type B” scientists, the progression of advancement in science by generational change, Bigfoot hunting, Ivan T. Sanderson, vanishing evidence, ancient giants across cultures, Greg Little, Serpent Mound, giants and the Bible, Viracocha and Indigenous Latin American religion, folklore of white-skinned red-haired giants in ancient America, Moon-eyed people, colonialist reinterpretation of Indigenous beliefs, race as a cultural construct, the politics of Egyptology, remnants of an ancient culture distributing information to later peoples, the subjective nature of being a giant, pro wrestling, the societal rebellion against expertise, the “Bosnian Pyramids”, the psychologists who wrote “The Invisible Gorilla”, Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass, colonialism and anti-colonialism in archaeological research, skeptics vs debunkers, resistance to innovation in science, the negative influence of billionaires, Jacques Vallee and internet search engines, cover-ups of astronomical anomalies, Dr. X, and much more! This is a fascinating round table discussion!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro music by Vrangvendt with Turn to Glass