An Update on Dogs with Human Faces & The Colchester Big Hairy Man 2012. A British Bigfoot?

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Recently I shared a case with you all from Wales where a man saw a small pack of dogs that had human faces. I am often asked how I work a case when it comes in and to be fair each one is unique.

Many years ago I lived and worked in Southern Ireland when l was aged 17. I worked at a small chicken factory in a very small village. One lunchtime l was walking to the shop with the other workers of my age and l was surprised how many stray dogs there were around locally. I remarked on it and one of the lads said ‘there was a dog with a human face/head that locals had seen running around the area.’

I was horrified to hear this. I have a very visual imagination and l had never imagined that anything like that existed outside horror films that I couldn’t watch. I said ‘that’s bullshit, i’m not having that’. Then one of the girls said with a straight face, “I’ve heard about that” l just shut up and they carried on talking about it. It didn’t seem like they were pulling my leg and it wasn’t mentioned again. I just thought it might be helpful if someone had seen something.