Amityville: The Final Days of Ronnie Defeo

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The Amityville Horror, we all know the story. A man possessed by an evil spirit murders his family in the sleepy little town. He’s sent off to prison. Shortly after, a new family moves into the house where the murders took place and are overwhelmed by dark energy that is so overwhelming they flee the home and all their possessions in 28 days. Excellent ghost story, right? 
But what if we could hear the origins of this story. The story of what the actual murderer believes happened that night? Not the one that was told to media cameras and reporters. But the story that was said behind thick cell block walls, iron gates, and barbed wire. Today, we hear that story. We hear what Ronnie Defeo believes really happened that night in Amityville as recounted by a former cellmate of the infamous killer today on a combined special episode of Real Ghost Stories Online, The Grave Talks, and Dark Side Of. 

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