AMA Show Super Roundtable – Oct 29, 2020

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Seriah hosts an all-star round table (Chris Ernst, Saxon/Super Inframan, Barbara Fisher, and Greg Bishop) to answer patreons’ questions. Topics include trends in paranormal witnesses’ reports, origins of different phenomena, co-creation, rains of frogs, Whitley Streiber, mental perceptions of the unknown, witness forgetfulness, Donald Hoffman, a personal experience with a proto-shadow person, Carl Jung, archetypes, the universe as information theory, UFO materials, dark matter, apports, the effects of the internet on folklore, an AI cryptid, Loab, a personal experience of lights in the woods, the Fae/Fairy folk, folklore vs ETH, hypnotic regression and its dangers, Jenny Randles, Barbara’s personal experience with memory manipulation, value of eyewitness testimony in the legal system, Brendan Dassey, the West Memphis three, the brain and memory, NDE life review, Cherylee Black, hell, karma, the Hindu belief in humans as splinters of God, a personal experience with a Pima Native American sheriff, earliest paranormal experiences, kundalini, a personal encounter with an unknown entity, personal experiences with haunted objects, a strange vision, a bizarre UFO encounter, family tales, a bizarre old-time encounter with an “angel”, a prankster and an apparition, memories of growing up with followers of an Indian holy man, a bizarre Ouija board experience, Paul Weston and Glastonbury, a creepy disappearance of a dog, a ball lightning encounter, a personal experience with “blobby” apparitions, mundane explanations and meaning, Animism, William S. Burroughs, synchronicities, a weird divination experience, David Metcalfe, Kiki Dombrowski, good and bad streaks of experiences, structured craft UFOs, “Trinity” by Jacques Vallee and Paola Leopizzi Harris, Atomic Energy Commission, Adam Gorightly, Twin Peaks, Ivan T. Sanderson, fireballs emerging from water, Fin Handley, Saint Teresa, VR recreations of paranormal experiences, and much more! This is weird conversation at its best!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation


Fin Handley’s Videos which are mentioned in the show: