All Roads Lead To Rome and Israel? – Ras Ben – Patreon Trailer

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The Great Ras Ben, Author, Public Speaker, Counselor, Peace-Keeper, Wellness Provider, Astrologer, Energy Healer and Artist. Joins me to discuss his books The Great Mystery Philadelphia, and Free Your Mound and Your Mind Will Follow. We started our discussion reflecting on the tour Ras gives of The Wissahickon Wilderness in the City of Philadelphia. Our discussion expanded beyond bounds into a conversation about the hidden history of The United States the true identity of indigenous America and the hidden legacy of traders, travelers, and tribes here on turtle island. Cheif Tamanend, Queen Winona, Elias Boudinot, Benjamin Franklin, and many others were discussed. Ras detailed the Roman legacy of mound gridding and conquest linking it back to The Punic Wars, up to the Society of Cincinnatus in the modern day.

Synchro-Wisdom Dialogue:

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