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Hi Weirdos!

Welcome to a sneak peek into our fabulous PATREON!!  This week Lauren and I are swamped with work, potty training, day care and prepping for our Near Death Experience series starting next week.  So instead of leaving you BORED and LONELY we are releasing a previously released Patreon Bonus episode!

This episode is very special to me because it features not one, but TWO, of my best friends in the world.  My patreon cohost Amy Hanselmann surprised me with a special guest appearance by my other best friend LEAH CAMPBELL.

Leah is a former MORTICIAN (Muahaha) and she let us pick her brain and ask her all of our burning questions about what it’s like to embalm a body (Spoiler alert: Tales from the Crypt lied to me) her strangest funeral stories,  the worst body mishap, and the politics and hopeful future of the death service industry.

And to round it all out I (Ashley) also get to talk about eels!  We hope you enjoy this look into our private world and that maybe it encourages you to finally join our patreon if you were on the fence before!