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It’s another switcheroo week on Hysteria 51 as the boys from Canada take over to tell the tale of Donald Shrum and the Cisco UFO Encounter

The Cisco UFO Encounter
In 1964, then 26-year-old Donald Shrum, with two of his close friends, traveled up into the Sierra Nevada mountain range of Northeastern California. Known to history as “Gold Country” the mountains not only possess rich mineral variety but also boast an impressive abundance of plant and animal life. Shrum and his companions were set to participate in a leisurely weekend of bowhunting among the pristine forests and rugged ridges set within Tahoe National Park. Shrum had no idea that on this trip he would have an experience that would fill his nightmares for years. An experience that would stay locked within the files of official UFO investigators until finally brought to light in 2005. This case file, join the Theorists as they talk about archery and shaft work in… The Cisco UFO Encounter

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