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Paranormal tourism, also known as ghost tourism or supernatural tourism, refers to a type of tourism that involves visiting locations or participating in activities associated with paranormal phenomena or supernatural experiences. It is based on the idea that certain places are believed to be haunted or possess a paranormal presence.Paranormal tourism often includes visits to haunted houses, castles, cemeteries, abandoned buildings, or other sites that are reputed to have ghostly or supernatural activity. These locations may have a history of reported sightings, unexplained events, or legends of ghostly encounters.Tourists interested in paranormal tourism might join guided ghost tours, paranormal investigations, or attend psychic or mediumship sessions to explore and experience the alleged paranormal occurrences. These activities can involve using various tools such as EMF meters, infrared cameras, and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorders to capture potential evidence of paranormal activity.The popularity of paranormal tourism has grown in recent years, fueled by television shows, books, and movies focusing on the supernatural. It appeals to those who are curious about the unknown, enjoy the thrill of the mysterious, or have a belief in the existence of ghosts and other supernatural entities.It’s worth noting that while paranormal tourism can be entertaining and exciting for some, the experiences and claims associated with it are often based on personal beliefs, folklore, or anecdotal evidence rather than scientific verification.