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Fact: If you’re reading this there’s an 89% chance you’ve been abducted by aliens (note: not a fact). As such, it’s important to know your who abducted you (the CIA will ask). Was it a Tall Grey that scooped you up, or were you lucky enough to be absconded by a Blue Avian? Hysteria 51 is here to help. Tune in this week as we give you the David Attenborough treatment of ALIEN RACES! Plus, what’s the best fictional alien in pop culture? (hint: it isn’t Mark Zuckerberg) Were the Borg progressives? (hint: duh) And, we create our own Alien Races that are sure to be spotted on 15 websites by the end of the show. (hint: they’ll have an Angelfire domain) All of that and more on the podcast that loves all of the alien races equally. Except whatever E.T. is – that little dude was up to something – Hysteria 51.

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