Alien Portal And My First Face to Face Encounter…..This is my alien life..

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This is a story about an encounter that happened to me in the bedroom of my childhood home. Since then, I have only slept there a handful of nights.  After I moved out and went to college, I returned to visit a few times, but stopped because I couldn’t be in the house and I definitely wasn’t going to be in that bedroom..   There is little doubt in my mind that this bedroom is some kind of threshold or portal for IMO’s, intelligent mobile organisms, aliens, or travelers from another dimension…   Whatever they are; they can come and go willfully through that house and specifically through the bedroom I grew up in..  This was the first event of many and years of face to face contact with these extra-terrestrial sightseers.  I know that sounds dramatic and cliché because there are so many UFO and portal stories, but I don’t have any other explanation. 

The trauma and fear caused by this encounter changed the course of my life and forced me to rethink everything I thought I knew about the alien phenomenon.

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