Alien Encounters Part 2

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Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from Tyler. Tyler submits a story from his grandfather. They were riding around selling seeds to farmers. While on the road they were chatting and got on the subject of UFOs. Come to find out Tylers grandfather had a couple UFO encounters. Then we dive into two stories from a book called UFO frightening encounters. The first one follows Jim. Jim ends up on his grandfathers farm where he plans to learn the responsibilities  of the farm in hopes of one day taking the farm over. While there he notices how the farm has been facing apart as of late. As he gets to talking to some of the workers there he finds out how animals on the farm have been vanishing. Then one morning he stumbles onto something that breaks Jims mind. The next story follows Gretchen when she moves to New York to pursue working for a major magazine. Gretchen ends up in an apartment with a woman named Jen. Jen had recently gotten back from a work trip from the Caribbean. But Gretchen starts to wonder why Jen didn’t have a tan after a week there. Then one night things take a terrifying turn for the both of the girls. Thanks for listening and showing your constant support. As always stay safe and stay weird. 



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