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The Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War (KLFCW) – a non-governmental organization was established under the laws of Malaysia on the 12th day of March 2007. The main objectives of the Foundation, as stated in its Statutes are, inter alia,
o To undertake all necessary measures and initiatives to criminalise war and energise peace;
o To provide relief, assistance and support to individuals and communities who are suffering from the effects of war and armed conflict wherever occurring and without discrimination on the grounds of nationality, racial origin, religion, belief, age, gender or other forms of impermissible differentiations;
o To promote the education of individuals and communities suffering from the effects of war or armed conflict;
o To foster schemes for the relief of human suffering occasioned by war or armed conflict;
o To provide for mechanisms or procedures in attainment of the above purposes. For more information – http://criminalisewar.org/