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It’s Thriller Thursday and this week it’s a story published in 1957 in the hardback anthology, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories They Wouldn’t Let Me Do On TV”. Written by Arthur Williams, the story was also used and adapted for “The Late Alfred Hitchcock Presents” radio show for the BBC in 2010 as part of the five part series of dramatizations of stories deemed too unsuitable for the original Alfred Hitchcock Presents television series. If Alfred Hitchcock liked it this much, and the TV networks thought it was too much for audiences in the mid 1950’s… I can only assume it will be just perfect for our consumption.

“Being a Murderer Myself” by Arthur Williams, from the anthology “Alfred Hitchcock Presents Stories They Wouldn’t Let Me Do On TV”: https://amzn.to/2U59cIY
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Originally aired: June 21, 2021

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