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Welcome to Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio!
Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio is a talk show that interviews the American Bigfoot Researcher, witnesses and other mysterious subjects. We are real Bigfoot researchers ourselves and we like to interview real people who are having real experiences and willing to share them. We believe we have learned much of what we know today because of the hard work and sacrifice of America's Bigfoot researcher. We do try to keep the subject matter grounded and believable. Sometimes we are surprised by unbelievable claims during our broadcast and ask that you not present these beliefs as those of the Nite Callers crew. In this day of new age Bigfoot, we do try to hold a respectable level of science to the information shared on this program. We are not professionals, we are the working class, we are family. We welcome you to join us around our campfire every Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. as we learn about the mysterious realm of Bigfoot. Join the chat and be sure to like and share us on Facebook. You can also catch the show on our Youtube channel or the Stitcher app for NCBR on the go!

Alex/ Midnight Walker/ Georgia Bigfoot Research

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Alex, also known as Midnight Walker, joins Nite Callers Radio as they continue their search for the American Bigfoot Researcher.
Alex is a Georgia business owner by day and a bigfoot researcher by night. Alex has been highly requested by our listeners and we are honored that he has accepted our invitation.
His story began with a family member’s sighting of what they described as a very large man-like being that crossed in front of them. At that time, he had no idea that bigfoot really existed much less in the Southeastern United States. As he researched the subject, he found that indeed there was a rich history in modern times and in Native American history that referenced the forest people as he’s come to call them.
He began his journey by shot-gunning his research in different areas, eventually finding the core area where he felt drawn. It is this area where he had come to know his forest people group and continue to learn more about them and himself. Much of his work is done at night, thus the pseudo name Midnight Walker.
Over these last 5 years, the forest people have gifted him with a renewed passion of nature, healthy living and being in the forest. They have also taught him much about himself, while instilling patience and humble spirit in his soul. His personal belief is that the only way they could be so gifted and apart from us is because it has been predetermined by God.”
To see the research video collection Alex has been working on go to:

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