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What’s the best way to sell erectile dysfunction pills? Claim 9/11 was an inside job! Well, at least that’s the tact that Alex Jones takes. Jones and his InfoWars network have been consistently putting out looney tunes conspiracy theories for two decades. But they aren’t just talking reptilians and new world order. Jones has taken it to the next level; from accusing Sandy Hook shooting victims of being crisis actors to propagating the famous #pizzagate hoax. Jones has built an empire on lies and the pain of others. This week we bring on the guys from Knowledge Fight to look into this grifter. Is he a true believing nut job, or a confidence man just trying to hawk his various snake oils? Plus, Wesley Willis makes an appearance on the show (bonus points if you know who that is), Conspiracy Bot releases his own line of booze (rubbing alcohol anyone?), and speaking of 90’s technology (looking at you C-Bot) the fellas talk Win-Amp. All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t turn the freakin’ frogs gay, but does have a favorite song about frogs (looking at you Wesley Willis) – Hysteria 51.

You can Find Dan and Jordan from Knowledge Fight at their Website – https://knowledgefight.com/

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