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One of paranormal history’s most bizarre, worldwide, phenomena, the Men In Black, traces its origin directly back to one man, and his name was Albert. (The Albert K. Bender Story) *** Daryl Collins’ encounters demonstrate the sheer level of weirdness that surrounds the UFO phenomenon. (Alien Abductions and High Strangeness) *** A young girl sees an odd cube shape floating in her back yard among the trees. Was it extraterrestrial, paranormal, or just the wild imagination of a child? (Floating Multi-Color Box) *** What began as a joke to tease his sister, became all too real for the boy. (Ouija) *** Legend has it that a man murdered his wife and young daughter, before committing suicide. Has this caused the Banff Springs Hotel to become haunted? (Room 873) *** Frank Nash was not only an infamous outlaw, but he could escape just about any prison – even the prison of his own coffin after being dead and buried. (The Kansas City Massacre) *** Due to a murderous plot, 11-year old Terry Jo Duperrault spent 84 grueling hours alone at sea until she was rescued. (Orphaned At Sea) *** Moving into your own place alone for the first time is often an exciting moment in a young adult’s life – but it can also be a bit nerve-racking. But then, it probably doesn’t help if you move into a place that is haunted. (My Closet Door) *** The true story of Rasputin is full of both truths and lies. Was he a controversial mystic with healing powers, or an evil or misunderstood man? Maybe he was a little of both. (Rasputin) *** The Lake Club in Springfield, Illinois had its heyday in 1940s and 50s – and not even a lingering ghost could stop the parties. (The Lake Club Ghost)
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