Aftermath: Barney and Betty Hill – Revisited | 273

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This week we revisit the Betty and Barney Hill Adduction. We are re-releasing our previous two parter. Then, this Friday, we will take a fresh look at the case with new eyes and see if any new evidence has came out and how this case has shaped ufology.  

Original Description
In last week’s episode we learned about Barney and Betty Hill. A nice couple from New Hampshire that said they were abducted by aliens back in the early 60s. The problem was, they couldn’t really remember what happened. Did they learn the secrets of interstellar travel? Were they experimented on? Exactly how many anal probes were involved? The answer to these questions and more were missing along with their memories. So, the Hills did what any sensible couple would do – they visited a hypnotist. The results of those sessions, the aftermath of their story going public, and our theories on what really happened are all in this week’s edition of the show. Plus, Carl Sagan joins us (sort of), Conspiracy Bot takes another step towards our eventual demise, and we take a skeptical look at Stanton Friedman – the world’s foremost expert on alien abductions he can profit from. All of that and more on the podcast you can’t live with, but can live without (seriously, you can’t move in) – Hysteria 51.

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