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Vernon Wells (Commando, Mad Max) as Detective Philip Marlowe  ADDITIONAL CAST:

Pete Handelman, Kate Enggren, Theresa Ireland, Kurtis Bedford, Tom Konkle , Gino Vianelli, Jude Gerard Prest

“There was a rough desert wind blowing into Los Angeles that evening, one of those hot dry Santa Ana winds that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair, make your nerves jump and your skin itch.” Philip Marlowe closed up his office early and went out to get a beer. There is a drunk in the bar, then a guy named Waldo enters looking for a tall good-looking girl in a silk dress and bolero jacket. He finds she isn’t there and as he leaves the drunk guy calls him Waldo, then kills him with a shot from his gun. Philip Marlowe finds himself investigating who shot Waldo and why.  This was the first episode of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe.