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Readings of weird fiction and science fiction short stories combined with immersive sound design and music.

Aborted Mother by Mark Slade

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Summary: A baby and her mother are visited at home by a gift-bearing stranger in a post-apocalyptic dystopia.

Mark Slade has appeared in numerous publications such as The Stray Branch, Weird Year and Wicked Gardens. He has written/and created such audio shows as Blackout City, The Sundowners and written for audio shows The Curiosity Peddler and Manor House.

His new anthology (co-edited by Gavin Chappell) is Dark Dreams where all the characters in the stories share the same dreams and nightmares.
Now available at this link

Mark has a forthcoming book about a secret society WPS written with other members of that secret society.

Mark lives in Williamsburg, VA with his wife, daughter, and a Pomeranian that uses mind control on humans.

Mark’s website:
Megan’s website:

Aborted Mother. Written by Mark Slade. Sound design, music, and narration by Jon Fredette. Additional voices by Megan McIver.

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