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The 1961 Hill abduction is usually considered the ‘ground zero’ of the entire ‘genre’ of UFO abductions. It’s been pored over by UFO believers and skeptics for decades; been the stuff of TV movies and comic strips. In short, it’s been done to death. So I didn’t want to return to the subject without a fresh take or some new research. Dr Edward Guimont, having been hard at work at the Betty & Barney Hill archives at the University of New Hampshire, returns to the pod to furnish fascinating new details and connections that make this famous case exciting all over again. Amongst other things, we cover:

-Betty and Barney’s civil rights work

-Betty’s interactions with other famous UFO personalities

-Betty’s reactions to traumatising 80s abduction lore

-the possible influence of the Villas Boas encounter

-Betty’s paranormal family happenings & interest in psychic powers

-Parallells to ‘yellow panic’ tropes and Native kidnap stories

-Finding the original drawings associated with the encounter

-Lovecraft as a UFO debunker, reading Donald Kehoe science fiction, and phantom airships

-Betty’s interest in pseudoarchaeology

-Evolution, the Dinosauroid and the origins of the Greys


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