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Another strange occurrence strikes Station Point Judith, baffling the members of the unit as well as the local scientific community.

Written by Mike Gagne for Asylum 94 Productions Theme Music by Josh Monrose of Graven Rogue Studios Disclaimer: Kate Wallinga of Ignorance Was Bliss Promo: Rolling Misadventures

Cast: Derek Graziano as BM2 Rodriguez Cody Hightower as Seaman Jensen Steve Carlin as MK2 Lewis Robert Solomon as Dr. Ed Ridley Mandy Hall as Olivia DeSouza Edgar Hernandez as BM3 Espinoza Melissa Geiser as Dr. Duart Harper Jean as Dr. Caitlyn Perreira Mike Gagne as Alex Devereaux Kae McSpadden as CS2 Sheila Vincent. Introducing Nicole Rose as the Dismebodied Voice

Transcripts available upon request at bostonhorror@gmail.com

Copyright 2020, Asylum 94 Productions

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