A Virgin Kraken, a Drunk Snake-Throwing Bigfoot, and Rob Gronkowski Walk into a Podcast

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Hey Misfits — Be careful, Steve and Emmy each had a BEER while recording, so this episode contains some hot takes. First, Steve tells us some crazy Cryptid stories — like the time Bigfoot threw a snake at a woman’s car (spoiler alert, that’s the whole story). Then, Emmy covers the legend of the Kraken, which Steve and Emmy discover is somewhere between the size of a football field and a school bus, but we’re not really sure. Then, things get steamy as Steve reads the review of his new favorite book — “A Gronking to Remember”, a football-themed erotica novel that has more nuance and class than you could ever imagine. You know the author from her more popular books, “I don’t care if my best friend’s mom is a Sasquatch, she’s hot and I’m taking a shower with her” or “I don’t care if my sasquatch lover says the world is exploding, she’s hot but I play bass and there is nothing hotter right now than rap rock“— so clearly her Gronk book is one you don’t want to miss.

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