A Sparkle for Crime

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Hey kids,

welcome to a different kind of true crime episode!  Usually when we discuss true crime we think “HOW?! HOW could someone do this?” “WHY? WHY would someone do this?!!”  This week we think… “I mean… I kind of get it”

Join Ashley, Lauren and special guest TREVIN from Seriously Sinister: A True PETTY Crime Podcast” as they look into crimes with likable criminals and totally understandable actions.

Ashley starts this two part series off with the story of Clark Olofsson, Sweden’s most successful bank robber and celebrity criminal???  This hottie was sentenced and escaped jail so many times we lost count and it leaves us questioning whether someone can be SO GOOD at crime we should just let them do it.

And Trevin is bringing us our only LADY of the series– an Australian woman named Esra Ogru- a fantastic saleswoman, accomplished scientist, and MAJOR LEAGUE Scammer! Does she deserve to work in biotech again?  Are the lives she saved more important than the money she stole?  

Find out our thoughts and much more and stay tuned for part two next week where Lauren takes us down a much darker path….