A Real Dexter Sitch

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Hello, Dark Passengers,

Welcome to PART TWO of our defendable criminals series!  We’ve been taking a look at people who have committed crimes that are… totally understandable??

We are joined once again by the amazin TREVIN from SERIOUSLY SINISTER as we go a *tad* darker this week with Lauren at the helm.  Lauren tells us the tale of the Alaskan Avenger! Jason Vulkovich was a very angry man and had every right to be but was he justified in multiple assaults?  Do we think he’s served enough time?  Does his case set a dangerous precedent for future men and women hellbent on revenge?

Dont worry, we lighten it up a bit after that as Trevin SLIDES into our DMs and Ashley sends a selfie to the police.

Tell us what you think about our six evil-doers.  Are they justified?  Do you understand them?  Or do you disagree with us completely?

Sometimes right and wrong isn’t so cut and dry…